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Cricket carnival from today

The four-day series for tiger conservation promises to be a tough battle for supremacy between The Mysuru Warriors and Belagaavi Panthers and Hutt Hawks.

The heritage city is set for the Twenty20 carnival that is the Karnataka Premier League (KPL) when it plays host to the “Cycle Pure Agarbathies Series for Tiger Conservation”. Mysuru Warriors, Belagaavi Panthers and the Hutt Hawks will vie for honours in the competition which will be played at the SJCE Grounds in Mysuru between July 10 and 13. All three sides will clash against each other twice in the league stage, before the two toppers clash in the Final.

The Mysuru Warriors and Belagaavi Panthers have both had a keen eye on identifying match winners and spotting exciting young talent, and have given them opportunities year after year. The Belagaavi Panthers dressing room has been home to the likes of the former Karnataka captain J Arun Kumar, the current Karnataka captain R Vinay Kumar, Manish Pandey, Abhishek Reddy, KN Bharath, Praveen Dubey, HS Sharath, among others. The Mysuru Warriors are currently led by Manish Pandey and have on their current roster the likes of J Suchith, CM Gautam, David Mathias, among others. Both teams play an entertaining brand of cricket, are extremely competitive on the field and are extremely popular sides. The Mysuru Warriors won the KPL title in 2014, while the Belagavi Panthers have finished runner-up twice and will be aiming for their maiden title when KPL kicks off shortly.

The series is a joint-initiative by the Mysuru Warriors and Belagaavi Panthers and is aimed at giving players an opportunity to get into the T20 groove of things, while also giving youngsters, wannabes and players who’ve been on the fringes, a chance to showcase their talent and impress upon the team selectors.  The Hutt Hawks – a club side from Wellington in New Zealand – have been annual visitors to India since 2010 and have visited Mysuru in the past too. The Hawks have taken a liking to the city, and it is therefore not a surprise when one of their players said, “Hutt Hawks have always enjoyed the Mysore experience. Mysore is a lot like New Zealand – laid-back, easy going locals and some great grounds, not to mention the history behind the city. There is a lot to like about Mysore and this is our fifth trip to Mysore.”

The other aim of the competition is to create awareness on the need to take steps to conserve the Tiger. Despite its status as the national animal of India, there has been a steady decline in the number of Tigers over the years. It is now being reported that the Tiger – a vital component of the ecosystem – is the most endangered of all the Big Cats. Despite the government of India’s efforts over four decades, the numbers haven’t changed much. There are barely 2,400 tigers in the Indian landscape. It is now time to come together and create awareness to protect the tiger, else there might be a time soon when the coming generation might not get to see this magnificent creature.


10 July 2016, 9:00 am | Mysuru Warriors v Belagaavi Panthers

10 July 2016, 1:30 pm | Belagaavi Panthers v Hutt Hawks

11 July 2016, 9:00 am | Mysuru Warriors v Hutt Hawks

11 July 2016, 1:30 pm | Mysuru Warriors v Belagaavi Panthers

12 July 2016, 9:00 am | Belagaavi Panthers v Hutt Hawks

12 July 2016, 1:30 pm | Mysuru Warriors v Hutt Hawks

13 July 2016, 10:30 am | Final

“Giving back to society is a way of life at Cycle Pure Agarbathies. The association with this series is a natural progression of our commitment towards sustainable development. We have a true passion for cricket, and aspire to work for the overall development of the game and its players. We were motivated to associate with KPL and contribute towards nurturing sporting talent from smaller towns and the hinterlands in and around Mysuru. We want the best talent to get professional exposure”. – Arjun Ranga, Managing Director, Cycle Pure Agarbathie

“It will be a good experience for aspiring cricketers. I am looking forward to the tri-series. The series is important not only because it offers the established players a chance to warm-up for the ensuing edition of the KPL, but also because it provides aspiring cricketers a golden opportunity to audition and showcase their talent.” – Praveen Dubey, a player from Belagaavi Panthers

“I am looking forward to the tri-series. Also, it will be a great opportunity for aspiring youngsters to get to understand what it takes to play against international sides.” – Suchith J, Mysuru Warriors

“We are very glad to be touring India in July. I have grown up watching lot of Indian cricket and was looking forward to opportunities playing in India. I’m in awe of the culture, heritage and the love for cricket in India. I’m very much looking forward to visiting India and in particular Mysuru. I have been reading up about Mysuru and can’t wait to pay a visit given its glorious history. It’s a great opportunity for us to test our skills against a very talented and formidable KPL franchises.” – Dane Hutchinson, Hutt Hawks

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