‘Crime Prevention Month’ observed in Mysuru

Mysuru: To mark Mysuru Crime Prevention Month 2021, City Police Commissioner Dr. Chandragupta launched a program by unveiling crime awareness murals and also painted the walls on Irwin Road here on Saturday (December 25).
Speaking near Ayurveda Circle, Dr Chandragupta said, “December month is celebrated as a crime prevention month and every citizen should be aware and be alert about their surroundings and be safe. The more alert the public is the less the chances of crimes. This program is launched to prevent theft, robbery, extortion, crime against women and children and create awareness among the public with the messages to not fall victim and also not to be guilty of any crime. Police departments try to prevent crimes, trace the absconding accused and disposal of pending cases on special priority.
“Awareness programmes have already started in all other police jurisdictions and we also appeal the citizens to cooperate with us.”
Police officers rode bicycles on various roads in the city and created awareness among the people about crimes and crime prevention. They advised people to inform the neighbours and the nearest police station if they are going out, not to wear or display pieces of jewelry in public, instead cover it with saree, dupattas and other important things to keep in mind and be alert. In addition to creating public awareness through pamphlet distribution and public advertising, the police will work full force to prevent crime creating an environment where the public can live with peace and safety in society. 
Some of the awareness images painted on the wall were about child marriage being a punishable offence, keeping young children employed, sexual harassment, awareness about abuse and prevention of child abuse. Chandragupta lastly thanked the Artists who created the awareness murals on the wall.
Police officers from Mandi police station and NR Police station, DCP Geeta Prasanna and ACP were also present. (AM/SH)

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