Crocodile attacks Mysuru Zoo worker, devours two of his toes

Mysuru, March 21:- In a macabre incident at Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens on Tuesday, a crocodile attacked a zoo worker and swallowed two of his toes, leaving the zoo officials shocked.

The zoo remained closed on Tuesday. A ‘contract’ labourer Puttaswamy was cleaning up the crocodile enclosure on Tuesday morning. After returning from completing the work, he fell down accidentally. Threatened by the appearance of the zoo worker, the crocodile attacked him and devoured two of his toes. Timely intervention by other zoo workers saved Puttaswamy’s life.

Puttaswamy is undergoing treatment at Shantaveri Gopalagowda Hospital in the city.  The doctors have amputated the two toes. He was working at the crocodile section of the zoo since three years. Such an incident involving a crocodile has happened for the first time in 125 years history of Mysuru Zoo. The executive director of the zoo has assured the family of Puttaswamy that his treatment will be take care. (KS, NGB)

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