Cry of farmers falls on deaf ears

Namma Mysuru always makes news for all the good reasons. That is why the heritage city is special to all of us. The cleanest city tag that Mysuru won for two consecutive years has become a symbol of pride and honour for the Mysureans. The recognition also helped Mysuru find a place in the global map. The whole country stood up to say ‘Wah Mysuru’.  But now there is a strong feeling that city administrators are taking things for granted.


Most glaring example is the maintenance of market on MG Road. The Gun House market or MG Road market has become a messy   place what with waste thrown all over indiscreetly. Lack of waste disposal measures have resulted in such a chaos in the market. Yet, farmers who arrive from far away villages to sell their products have no options other than live in this world of chaos. Farmers arrive at the market by 3am, and stay till almost 7pm. Since this is their only source of bread and butter, the farmers stay there until all their goods and vegetables are sold. The dealers or the traders on the other hand buy vegetables from farmers for a lesser price and later sell them for higher price.


One visit to the market will tell you the sorry state of affairs.  The city administration has turned deaf for the farmers’ cry for cleanliness. Even though the farmers are paying RS 5 on a daily basis, there is no development regarding the cleanliness in the market.  The plight of the farmers inside the market is beyond one’s imagination.

 Even if they are hungry, they can’t go out to have food leaving their stall open for of lack of protection inside the market. There is no drinking water facility nor any seller from outside is allowed inside. Farmers are supposed to eat and drink what is available in the only hotel present in the market premises. Many farmers tend to stay inside the market but due to lack of shelter it has become very difficult, especially when it rains.

Speaking to City Today, Vanitha Prasanna, corporator, Ittigegoodu, ward number 65, said, “Appointment of 25 civil workers for cleanliness drive will be made soon. Matters will be discussed with the mayor and resolved soon,” she said.

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