CSIR-CFTRI launches ‘NutriIce Creams,’ India’s first nutritionally superior ice cream

As a pioneering step in using ice-cream as a vehicle to deliver quality nutrition, CSIR-CFTRI in association with Oleome Bio Solutions and Dairy Classic Ice Cream has developed Omega-3 and Vitamin E enriched ice creams.

The Omega-3 enriched ice cream named ‘NutriIce creams,’ India’s first nutritionally superior ice cream was launched by CEO of National Institution for Transforming India (NITI) Aayog Amitabh Kant at CFTRI campus on Tuesday. The new innovative ice cream is developed using ‘Chia’ – a super food having the highest content of Omega-3 fat from a vegetarian source. This innovative Omega-3 and Vitamin-E enriched ice-cream will have a positive effect on our heart with reduced saturated fat that blooms the heart health.

Speaking after launching the ice cream, Kant said, “Food processing plays a major role for nation’s development and I am delighted with the innovative research that CSIR-CFTRI has been doing for the past few decades. I am happy to launch this path-breaking step initiated by CFTRI and other start-ups. Ice creams are a food product, largely accepted and enjoyed by the consumers and find a special place in most of the households; by introducing Omega-3 enriched ice creams CFTRI has taken the right step in tackling nutrition deficiencies among the people.”

 “There has been a deficiency of Omega-3 content in most of the people as they all have stopped eating green leaves. A study says 39.5 percent of children in the country are malnourished despite various programmes introduced to address the issue. The research and technical intellectual work taken up by CFTRI has led to the introduction of ‘NutriIce Cream,’ they need to ensure that such research is shared with commercial entrepreneurs so that industries in India would benefit from it,” he added.

Earlier, CFTRI director Prof Ram Rajashekharan said, “The Omega-3 enriched ice cream is first of it’s a kind in the globe that supercharges the heart health. This project has come out with much trial and planning. CFTRI has acted as a catalyst with a technology developer start-up Oleome Bio Solutions and the Industry Dairy Classic Ice Creams by bringing ‘NutriIce creams’ that offer superior health to consumers and offer a great value.”

Director of Dairy Classic Ice Creams Balaraju, Dr Arun Kumar, Dr Deepa and others were present. 


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