Curtail my sense of humour as a senior actor, says SRK

Prime News, National (Mumbai), December 27:- Superstar Shah Rukh Khan, who is known for his sense of humour – that has many times put him into trouble too, says with time and maturity, he had to cut down on this on a public platform.

Shah Rukh, will soon be hosting the Filmfare Awards, was responding to a question on how he looks at the trend of roasting other actors on award shows.

“Well, I look at things differently. My wife explained it perfectly to me. When I started hosting Filmfare Awards 20 years ago, I was just five years old in the film industry. As a youngster, whatever I did, people took that lightly.

“Now, after being a member of the film fraternity of 25 years, if I am making fun of my contemporaries or senior actors, nobody would take that lightly… nobody would tolerate it as a ‘youngster’s act’ anymore. So yes, as a senior actor, I curtail my sense of humour.”

Mentioning how the Filmfare award ceremony has changed over the years, Shah Rukh said: “You know earlier it was very cosy atmosphere but now there is public ticket selling. I know as an actor, if someone is making fun of my film that flopped in business, I will feel bad. So, that way, if I will make fun of others on the same note, they could feel offended. So I curtail that.”

The actor was present here on an event to announce the 63rd Filmfare Awards along with the editor of Filmfare Jitesh Pillai.

Hosted by Shah Rukh, the ceremony will be held on January 20. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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