Grave situation: Mr CM, please look into this issue!

Mysuru, September 19:- Chief Minister Siddaramaiah’s constituency  – Varuna – is in the news again but for a a wrong reason. On Saturday, when a Dalit died, his family members had a tough time to find space for his burial. They were forced to carry the dead body to a faraway place to perform the final rites. The Dalits of this village can’t use the burial ground reserved for other communities. It may sound strange but it is true.

Dalits of Biligerehundi village of Varuna constituency have no place to perform final rites whenever there is a death in their community.  They allege  that the people of other communities have a graveyard, but not the Dalits. Chief Minister Siddaramaiah had promised to provide space for a graveyard during elections, but failed to fulfill it. The concerned tahsilar has also not responded to the repeated pleas from the Dalit community.  This has been story for many years now. (RV)

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