Dalits should fight for a equitable society through structural programmes: V Srinivas Prasad

“Continuous efforts should be made to agitate against untouchability and the legislation on Anti Superstitions Bill should be backed,” says eminent writer Siddalingaiah

Revenue and district in-charge minister V Srinivas Prasad on Saturday called upon the Dalit community to strive for a powerful, fair and equitable society by organising structural programmes through organisations.

He was speaking at the book release function of writer Malkundi Mahadevaswamy’s  “Ambedkar Kanneeritta Kshanagalu,” organised by University of Mysore Researchers’ Association and Thanumana Samsthe to mark the 125th birth anniversary of Dr B R Ambedkar at Rani Bahadur auditorium in city.

He said that though the 21st century is said to be an age of science and research, the mind-set of the society with regard to Dalits has not changed. “They are still working in the lower strata of the society and are exploited even today. An interesting paradox is that the exploitation of Dalits is increasing with the increase in number of Dalit organisations. When few of the Dalit leaders entered the mainstream, we all had hopes of a change in our lives. Unfortunately, Dalit leaders and organisations have become selfish serving their family and close friends circle. Different Dalit organisations were fighting for different causes, thereby reducing the massive influence that one or a few Dalit organisations could have. Hence, there is a need for the Dalits to organise themselves under a single banner and form structural programme to empower the community,” he added.

Eminent writer Dr Siddalingaiah advocated for implementation of Anti Superstition Bill and stated that many of our political leaders were inclined towards astrologers and swamijis, thus promoting superstitions. “Caste system is also a part of superstition. Though, caste system has reduced by 50 percent in urban areas, it is still vibrant in rural areas.  Continuous efforts should be made to agitate against untouchability and the legislation on Anti Superstitions Bill should be backed. Though Ambedkar went through a lot of such consequences, he has left a smile on the face of every Dalit. In the present day situation, the whole world, whether they like Dr Ambedkar or not, have to accept and respect him,” he opined.

Eminent writer Dr Siddalingaiah released Malkundi Mahadevaswamy’s book “Ambedkar Kanneeritta Kshanagalu” while District in-charge minister V Srinivas Prasad, Zilla Panchayat former president Dr Pushpa B Amarnath, Gnanaprakash Swamiji, Veerya Sheela Bhantheji Swamiji, Registrar University of Mysore Prof C Basavaraju, writer K S Bhagawan and others were present.

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