Dam on Brahmaputra: India has more reasons to worry

China’s dubious efforts to redraw its water map and plan to divert the Brahmaputra from its upper reaches are nothing but violation of international norms. This comes as a rude shock to North-east India which solely depends on Brahmaputra and its tributaries.  The Brahmaputra flows for about 1,625 km inside the Tibet Autonomous Region of China and for a further 918-km inside India. This is not the first time that tension is building up between India and China over Brahmaputra projects.

Although China is saying that it is constructing the dam to produce power but actually some hidden agendas are also associated with it.. If China blocks the water in Brahmaputra, it will lead to famine in the whole NE region. India needs to take this issue seriously. The attention of international community needs to be attracted. But the problem here is that China does not care for anyone. It is trying an act of international bully. India needs a totally different tactic to tackle China. But can it handle?

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