Dangerous trend

The occurrence of cancer in below 50 years has become very common. As per the data revealed by National Cancer Control Programme, of the women suffering from breast cancer and cervical cancer, 46% are below 50 years of age. Of these,  16% are between the age 30 and 40 years. One woman is dying in every eight minutes due to cervical cancer. One in every two women suffering from breast cancer is dying due to late diagnosis. The main reasons quoted for this trend are late marriages, giving birth late, change in lifestyle, having sex with many men, lack of awareness about cancers. The suspected symptoms include uncontrolled cough from a long period, high fever, changes in the appearance of moles, formation of lumps, persisting wounds, severe bleeding. These cancers can be treated successfully, if diagnosed early.

 Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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