Dangerous trend

This is a dangerous trend that India will have to counter on an urgent basis. With China going ahead with its plan to build a dam across river Brahmaputra in Tibet is beset with major problems for the north eastern parts of the country. Though India is feigning ignorance saying it is not a serious issue, many experts foresee lot of problems for India in the near future. The Chinese move is seen as a pressure tactics by that country to lay its hand on Arunachal Pradesh. In case of a war, China will have an upper hand. By diverting the flow of Brahmaputra, China is planning to control most countries in south Asia. China’s damming plans may result in north-east India going dry. The experts feel such a move could result in a war for water. China also has plans to build close to 200 dams across some of the rivers in Tibet. There seems to be no one to question China’s aggressive attitude.  

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