Dangerous trend

A few days ago the SSC notification was revised and a minor “concession” was made to accommodate a handful more aspirants born on the wrong side of August. Protests for and against reservation are increasing by the day,there is so much discontent and the government doles out attempts like BPL subsidy. One look at the matrix and one can see that up to 45 years is the age exemption for certain “segments” of society. The Baswan committee report is due soon and even there the dithering is going on.

Even at this juncture the Age/Attempts Apartheid is going on and the government is now playing with fire.If a citizen of this country is not allowed to even compete then why on earth must loyalty to the nation be expected for eternity ? Outrage and angst against the state is not the sole monopoly of Dalits and minorities and newer forms of discontent and rage are spurting day in and out amongst other sections too. It is not just great power but enhanced representation also that brings with it greater responsibility. One cannot cry victim for eternity whilst seeking numbers in the establishment surreptitiously.

Casteism must be reported as Racism but let the world also be made aware of the system of Horrors put in place to “mitigate” this via this unscientific scheme of affirmative action. We have heard of refugees from war hit countries like Syria, climate change refugees form the AOSIS like Vanuatu but Incredible India sends out its own brand called the “Reservation Refugees” who migrate because their own government could not stand up for them.

When the Patels agitated, the government promised a so-called education package which is a mere eyewash and worth peanuts. They can set up an IIM/IIT in every state or even district but without the backing of full scale public sector employment it is naught. This invisible, artificial wall must be broken down now.

The BJP has a miniscule vote base in any case given it’s policies and whatever little they have to lose that would be a disaster. For a party that comes to power once in a blue moon on the back of manufactured lies, outlandish promises and ludicrous propaganda this is a bit rich. Even Chutzpah has its limits and beyond that it is chaos.

Anoop Hosmath, Mysuru

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