Darshan prays to Chamundi; leaves to Bengaluru

Actor meets well-wishers including Ambareesh, H D Kumaraswamy who advise him to appear before Chennammanakere Acchukattu police

Sandalwood actor Darshan in the dock after his wife Vijayalakshmi approached the Bengaluru police urging them to advise him to stay away from her was holed up at a private hotel in the city since Thursday night.
He has met friends and well-wishers including senior actor and Karnataka Housing Minister M H Ambareesh, former Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy and MLC Sandesh Nagaraj.

Based on their advice, the actor has reportedly agreed to appear before the Chennammanakere Acchukattu police in Bengaluru where his wife had lodged a written complaint. On Friday afternoon, the actor left the hotel and proceeded towards Chamundi Hills to perform pujas. From there he will leave for Bengaluru.

Vijayalakshmi had approached the Chennammanakere Acchukattu police in Bengaluru on Wednesday night after Darshan turned up at her house and abused her. He also reportedly abused the security guard at the building in which she lives.

The marital discord between Darshan and his wife took an ugly turn with the couple making accusations against each other targeting their character.

It may be mentioned here that in 2011, the actor was jailed for assaulting and abusing his wife and son Vineesh. Since then, they’ve patched up and split up again. The couple seems to have been separated for a while and Vijayalakshmi and her son have been living in an apartment in Hosakerehalli.

Darshan arrived in the city on Thursday evening to meet his mother Meena Thoogudeepa who has been admitted to a private hospital following illness.

The Chennammanakere Acchukattu police served summons on the couple to appear for questioning and counselling. According to sources, Ambareesh and H D Kumaraswamy advised the actor to appear before the police and save himself from legal tangles.

Meanwhile, the Karnataka State Women’s Commission has taken up a suo moto case. The actor and his wife would be summoned for questioning. Speaking to this newspaper, Commission Chairperson Manjula Manasa said that she had spoken to Darshan and he has sought some time to appear before the commission as he was attending to his ailing mother.
“He and his wife were supposed to appear before the commission and we will give them some time considering the circumstances. Both of them would be summoned and their statements would be recorded for further proceedings,” she said.

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