Dasara cultural extravaganza at Mysuru Palace

The Dasara cultural programmes in Mysuru palace add that extra bit to the festivities in the city. Globally acknowledged musicians and artists will take part in the Dasara cultural extravaganza and this time renowned musicians Hariharan, Unnikrishnan, Vinayaka Toravi will be performing at the palace premises.

Murad Ali Khan and team will present Seven Essence, Saiyad Salaludin Pasha and team will perform Magic on Wheels, Badri Prasad and team will present a concert, Appagere Thimmaraju and team will perform folk music, B Jayashree and team will present theatre music.

“The Dasara cultural sub-committee is provided with a budget of Rs 80 lakh. The committee aims at finalising the events at Rs 1 crore. In 2014, the expenditure went up to Rs 1.5 crore,” said Dayananda, Ddirector of Kannada and Culture Department.

“200 artists and teams will perform cultural programmes at the palace. Out of which, 40% will be from Mysuru. Other 40% of the participants will be from various parts of Karnataka. Remaining 20% will be from other states. Dasara cultural events will commence with the performance on the Dasara 2016 theme, water conservation,” he said.

During the inaugural ceremony of Dasara cultural events, ‘Rajya Sangeetha Vidvan’ award will be conferred. Roopa Rajesh and team will present a special performance on water conservation. Chaithra and team will perform music programme after the dance.

Apart from the Ambavilasa Palace, four cultural programmes will be conducted every day at Jaganmohan Palace and Kalamandir. Chikka Gadiyara stage will host folk performances. Plays, Doddata, Sannata and Yakshagana will be staged in Town Hall. The folk performances of all the districts of the state will be staged in the cultural events.

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