Mysuru Dasara: Golden throne to be assembled tomorrow

Mysuru, September 17:- In the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, this year’s Mysuru Dasara will be a simple one and the programmes will be restricted to Chamundi Hills and Mysuru Palace. But the tradition which is the trademark of Dasara will remain unaltered. The assembly of the ‘golden throne,’ which is the major ritual and attraction during the nine-day festivities, will be held tomorrow (September 18).

The Jamboo Savari, which is held on the last day of Dasara will be held within the premises of the Palace. The golden throne will be used during the private durbar.

Rajamatha Pramoda Devi Wodeyar will oversee the assembly of the throne on Friday which will be held between 8.30 am and 12.30 pm. Only Palace members will be present on the occasion. The rituals will begin early in the morning. The public entry to the Palace is restricted till 2 pm on September 18.

Titular king Yaduveer Krishnadutta Chamaraja Wadiyar will be conducting the private durbar. The rituals will commence with Navagraha homa, Shanti homa and havans at the strong room in the cellar of the Palace, where parts of the throne are secured. The 14 parts of the dismantled throne will be brought to the Durbar Hall and assembled.

The parts to the golden throne includes steps leading to the throne, golden umbrella, main seat with cushions, and arm rest. As part of the rituals, puja will be offered to Pattada Aane (elephant), Pattada Kudure (horse) and Pattada Hasu (cow), adorned with royal clothes. Following the rituals, the throne will be kept covered using a white cloth.

During previous years, the golden throne used to be assembled only a few days prior to Dasara festivities. This year, the throne is being assembled one month earlier, owing to Adhika Ashwija Masa, which will be from September 18 to October 16. The Dasara festival will be held from October 17 to 26. (MR/KS)


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