Dasara jumbos get extra care in view of pandemic situation

Mysuru: The eight Dasara elephants have been resting at Aranya Bhavan. Public entry to the Aranya Bhavan has been banned in view of the pandemic situation. All eight elephants will be coming to Mysuru Palace tomorrow (Sept 16).

The area where the Dasara jumbos have been resting has been barricaded and the entry to Aranya Bhavan is by permission. Barring Forest Department staff, mahouts and cavadis, others are not allowed. Safe distance has been maintained between all the elephants.

The usual photo session with the Dasara elephants has been completely banned. Aranya Bhavan has been fitted with CCTV cameras to keep an eye on visitors.

Make-shift sheds have been set up at Mysuru Palace for elephants, mahouts and cavadis. Their families have not been given permission this time and as such, tent school and library have not been set up.

The weight of the elephants is as follows: Abhimanyu (4,720 kg), Ashwathama (3,630 kg), Vikrama (3,820 kg), Dhananjaya (4,050 kg), Gopalaswamy (4,420 kg), Cauvery (3,220 kg), Chaithra (2,600 kg) and Lakshmi (2,510 kg).

Dasara elephants and mahouts have been insured by the district administration. Male elephants have been insured for Rs 3.50 lakh while female elephants have been insured for Rs 2.50 lakh. Mahouts and cavadis have been insured for Rs one lakh each. (MR/KS).

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