Daylight killings

These days, we hear a lot about daylight killings due to gang wars among different groups of Mafia.  When such criminal activities take place, police swing to action to apprehend the killers. This is purely a law & order issue and the police take action as per law.  When such killings take place, politicians jump into the fray and demand compensation for the family of such victim/s. Politicians act and behave as though they are disbursing  their personal money. What is intriguing is when the victim is a criminal and he has lost his life due to internal gang wars or during fight with the rival gangs,  why the state has to pay compensation? In fact, criminal activities basically are against the society and payment of compensation in such cases encourages criminal activities further.  Citizens pay taxes to run the government machinery and to support welfare activities. Compensation for criminal activities contradicts the very purpose of welfare state. Payment of compensation during civil commotion or unrest where innocent people lose their lives is justified, but not for criminals. The government should be judicious in spending tax payers’ money.

Concerned citizen, Mysuru

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