‘Dead’ woman comes alive!

A 59-year-old woman, who was presumed to be dead, came ‘alive’, much to the de­light of her family members. The lady in news is home­maker Padmabhai Lodha, wife of K Mahendra Kumar Rakesh Lodha, who works as a treasurer at Pijarapole Soci­ety in Mysuru. After dinner at her residence on Basavesh­wara Road in Agrahara last Sunday night, Padmabhai felt uneasy and was rushed to a private hos­pital. Inci­dentally, she had breath­ing problems and start­ed throwing up. The hospital authorities moved her to ICU at around 1.30 am on Monday. Till late in the evening, the doctors con­ducted various medical tests and conveyed to the family that Padmabhai had multi-organ failure and chances of her surviving were less, according to one of the family members, Manish Lodha.

Manish alleged the doc­tors informed them that Padmabhai, who was given ventilator support, would not survive too long. “The doc­tors told us to take the patient back home,” he told ‘CityToday.’ “Hearing the news, everyone in the family was in deep shock. She was normal and active till she had dinner on Sunday night. So, we decided to take her home on Tuesday morning. We called all the relatives in Rajasthan, Mumbai, Delhi, and Chennai to come to Mysuru as early as possible as her condition was deteriorating,” he explained. “We also placed an obituary advertisement in a newspaper in Rajasthan,” he said.


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