Death knell

The decision of Karnataka government to constitute an Anti Corruption Bureau is an act to protect the  corrupt and to dissolve Lokayukta. The decline of Lokayukta started with the appointment of Bhaskar Rao, who virtually killed this institution. The notification withdrawing the powers of Lokayukta police to investigate and file FIR against the corrupt officials and politicians is a death knell.  The CM and his supporters have a million justifications about their action. In reality, the intention is to kill Lokayukta. People of the state have been watching this Govt. ever since the CM took oath. He came to power with the promise that his govt. will be pro poor, pro farmers and corruption free. He and his cabinet Ministers are doing the opposite.  In the process, they are not only breaking their oath but also cheating the people. We have been witness to media reports that majority of these corrupt officials and politicians are rewarded for their  “wonderful” services (?) instead of punishment. What is interesting to note is, the bill approved by the legislature is undone by a simple notification. With all odds, media is doing a wonderful job by exposing the corrupt in our society. Voters should teach these people a lesson.

MRG Murthy, Mysuru

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