Death trap

The Hunsur state highway road near to Jaladarshini became a death trap by taking lives of many road users earlier. The recent accident, wherein a young doctor lost his life is added to the list of several died in the same spot in the past. There is a blind curve with a slope at this spot. Earlier it was reported in the papers that the curvature of this stretch will be reduced by straightening the road by taking land from the university. Nothing happened since years and we are seeing accident either with or without causalities. How many deaths the concerned officials want to see before they take up the correction at this spot is not clear. At present there is only a cautioning board. Vehicle users also drive fast on this stretch as there are no link roads till Valmiki road cross. This is also may be one of the reasons for accidents at this spot. Speed breakers with reflectors should be arranged at the earliest till the correction work takes place here. Otherwise, Mysoreans have to see such news on regular basis.

Dr   S V N  Vijayendra, Mysuru

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