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With reference to the article by Sri Suresh Prasad on public inconvenience caused by police on implementing Supreme Court (SC) rules on road safety (CT 16th Apr 16), I would like to present my views on city’s traffic related issues. It may be correct that all judgments of SC are not being implemented in the country. But, it does not mean that the said rules on safety on road also should be ignored. Whether SC issued these rules or not, wearing seat belt or helmet is for the safety of the individuals only. Experts say that a speed of 50 kmph is enough to make head injury if it hits the windscreen. Likewise, unlike injuries on other body parts, head injuries are irrevocable.  However, the article highlighted only one side of the coin. The other side is irresponsibility of several road users (this includes buses, cars, autos, two wheelers) like  frequently ignoring red signal at ‘T’ road junctions on important roads, using high-beam lights at night, talking on mobile while driving, triple and quadruplet driving, drunken driving, stopping on zebra crosses (at many of the places), driving rashly and in  zigzag way, violating one way rules, not following lane discipline, joining the same road by taking left side road when red signal is ahead, etc. All these are related to the safety of self and other road users, which many riders or drivers are ignoring conveniently. Statistics on all these violations are being published in local news papers on regular basis. However, there is no decrease in their numbers with time progress. All these were not indicated in the said article. Now, one can debate on who is responsible for this mess? Responsible (to manage the safe and sound traffic management) city traffic police or irresponsible public who are violating all these safety rules, forget about seat belt and helmets?

Dr  S V N Vijayendra, Mysuru

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