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Decor hacks: How to make small living space look larger

Small rooms can be quite a task to manage and easy to clutter if you do not have the right concept in mind. Pick the right colour scheme, play with mirrors and blend the shades to make the tiny space look larger, says an expert.
Here we list out six tips that you should keep in mind while rearranging your home to make it look spacious.

* Clever colouring: The choice of colours for the walls, drapes and furnishings play the biggest role in transforming the entire look of the room. Darker shades are good to use for a big rooms not a small room.

* Mirror miracle: A number of mirrors or even smaller ones do give the illusion of a bigger space.

* Blend the shades: Do not have the same colour in each and every room. You can blend in a few shades, for example, a pale blue wall with a pink drape and furnishing results for a pleasant colour scheme that goes well with every season.

* Choose wood wisely: Having furniture and wooden panels in white and off-white too will make a room look bigger as compared to dark wooden panels and furniture.

* Luminous lighting: Make sure that your home gets ample of natural light which will make it look bigger instantly. However, it is not necessary that each home is blessed with natural light and big windows, so for that you can create that effect by using fixtures that set the same mood.

* Say no to clutter: It is very important that you do not clutter your space, rather keep it really tidy and neat so that appears to be bigger.

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