Deepavali celebration begins; no takers for crackers in Mysuru

Mysuru, November 6:- There is something special about Diwali or Deepavali – the festival of lights – which has a lot of significance attached to it.  The enthusiasm that goes with the festival is conspicuously missing this year.

People were seen shopping ahead of the festival for their family members and friends. Crackers are a major attraction during Diwali celebrations but the number of people who burst crackers has come down drastically in the last few years. People seem to be least interested in investing on crackers for obvious reasons. They seem to have realised that it is nothing but waste of money.

There is a change in their approach, though. People were seen buying more lamps instead of crackers. Crackers are being sold at shops having a licence at J K Grounds in the city, but buyers are not turning up as expected.

That the Police Department has put up a lot of restrictions is also acting as a deterrent. (MR/KS)


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