Dejected over debt, man slits own throat, dies

A mason, who was dejected by huge debts and health problems, slit his own throat using a granite cutter at Janata Nagar on Sunday.

According to police, 40-year-old Javare Gowda, who was a labourer at a granite cutting factory, had expressed disappointment over his financial condition on several occasions to his wife Puttamma.

As he had injured one of his legs during work, he was bedridden for a few months, which added to his financial. On Sunday, Gowda allegedly attempted to strangulate his daughter who was sleeping beside his mother in the hall. But as the girl started to cry for help, the family members rushed in and saved the girl.

As the family members were consoling the girl who was in a state of shock, Gowda went inside his room and locked the door. He switched on his granite cutting machine and slit his throat using it, dying on the spot.

Though family members ran towards the room on hearing the sound of the machine, the door remained shut. When they, along with the neighbours, finally broke open the door, they found Gowda lying dead on his cot.

They immediately informed the matter to Saraswathipuram police, who admitted the girl to JSS Hospital. A case was registered based on a complaint by Puttamma.


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