Delay for what?

It is very unfortunate that our honourable minister Vankaiya Naidu could not travel from Delhi to Hyderabad for some urgent meeting due to the delay in the Indian Airlines flight. Now facts are highlighted as it is a case involving a minister. So many times IA flights are delayed for hours. But no one seems to be bothered about the inconvenience caused to the passengers. As per the protocol, ministers and senior government officials are allowed to avail the facility of IA, though only for their official work.  So many passengers plan their travel, hoping everything falls in place. But when a flight is delayed for unforeseen reasons, one can imagine of the plight of those who are bound to miss their connecting flight. No one is bothered about the loss of money, time and inconvenience. Whatever the problems are, it is the duty of the concerned authorities to keep the passengers informed. Are the authorities listening?

Anshu Modi, Bogadi


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