Delhi Police arrests two more in call snooping case

The Delhi Police has arrested two more persons, including a former Army officer, in its ongoing investigation in the pan-India call snooping racket case, officials confirmed on Thursday.

The former army officer, Captain D K Giri along with another person was arrested a week ago.

Police said were allegedly involved in the illegal procurement and sale of call detail records (CDRs).

This is the third major breakthrough within two months.

The Delhi Police had busted the racket on July 19 by arresting four persons, including two owners of detective agencies, one police official and one expert hacker, who used to work with the Jaipur police.

According to police, the accused had obtained over 2,000 CDRs in the last two years.

The four were identified as Aniket Prakash Dhamle, 25, a resident of Pune, and Abhinav Kumar, 35, a resident of Mumbai – both ran detective agencies; Gajraj Singh, 23, a student and hacker, who had been assisting the Jaipur police’s Cyber Crime Cell officers since 2013; and an officer of the Jaipur police cyber crime cell, Mukesh Kumar Meena, 38.

On July 10, the Delhi Police had also cracked an inter-state gang involved in illegally getting CDRs and then selling these to various people, mainly detective agencies.

Five persons — Uttar Pradesh police constable Narender; Jaiveer Singh Rathore, 46; Pankaj Tiwari, 26; Aditya Sharma, 32; and Sanjeev Chaudhary, 42 — were arrested for illegally obtaining CDRs.

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