Demand for tender coconuts from Mysuru, Mandya reaches all-time high

Mysuru, June 14:- Most parts of North India are writhing under soaring temperatures. Struggling under the sweltering heat, people are looking for ways and means to keep themselves cool.

Though rising temperatures are not good news for the North Indians, this part of Karnataka is happy working day and night to meet the demand for tender coconuts to be supplied to North India. Sources said there is a demand for around eight lakh tender coconuts which is likely to continue for some more days. Unlike earlier years, the demand has seen a steep hike.

Mandya, Pandavapura, Gowdahalli and Channarayapatna markets have their hands full with the demand for tender coconuts refusing to come down. Hundreds of lorries from North India are queuing up to purchase and load the tender coconuts.

With the requirement reaching its optimum level, the prices of tender coconut are also seeing a steep hike. Usually, the farmers would sell tender coconuts at Rs 15-18 in the local market. But the same is being supplied to North India at Rs 27 per coconut. By the time it reaches the customers, it would be anywhere around Rs 32-25 per coconut.

Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Delhi are also seeing a huge demand for tender coconuts. Though the demand is for 100-120 truckload of tender coconuts, the local market is able to supply only 80 truckloads daily. (MR)

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