Demonetisation affecting common man: Kalappa

While celebrities in the country are tweeting and praising Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s move on demonetisation, the poor are badly affected. Janardhan Reddy is celebrating his daughter’s marriage by spending Rs 500 crore. This government does not have the courage to question him, said Congress spokesperson Brijesh Kalappa here on Wednesday.

Addressing the media persons at Jaladarshini Guest House, he said: “The BJP   members were well aware of demonetisation. No wonder depositing of cash was high in the last three months.  Former minister S A Ramdas, who is also the president of RBI workers union, openly told on November 10 that he knew about the printing of new notes. BJP was benefited the most from demonetisation”.

“The intention behind this move is nothing but to target the Congress. This move of the Modi led government has benefited only the middlemen.”

On Congress leaders attending Reddy’s daughter’s wedding, he said, “We can’t restrict anyone from attending a wedding. It is all about the personal relationship they have with him,” he told.

Speaking about Tanveer Sait’s controversy, “I have seen the reports, but he was just scrolling the photos. Even today I have my old friends who send me such photos”, he added.

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