Dengue fever; department to take actions against hospitals minting money

Mysuru, June 3:- “Private hospitals should not scare the patients in the name of dengue and mint money from them,” said insectologist of district prostate diseases office, Jannet Menenjis.

She was addressing a meeting held to inform the public regarding dengue fever at the Mysuru Press Club on Saturday.

“When a patient having the symptoms of dengue fever gets admitted, his blood sample should be sent to a trusted laboratory. If the lab report confirms dengue, then only it should be called dengue. If any hospital scares patients in the name of dengue, strict action will be taken,” she said.

“Death of two patients are suspected due to dengue. But it has not been confirmed yet. More than 226 blood samples have come to the laboratories suspecting dengue, but only 51 are found to be dengue and remaining are negative. People should be careful instead of being scared,” she added.

“Stagnant water should not be allowed at the premises. If one suffers from fever and body pain for more than three days, it is advised to get blood tested. June will be observed as anti malaria and July as anti dengue months.

G Bhimanna, Rajendra, Chikkanna and Venugopal of health department were present. (KMR)

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