Derek O’Brien coins acronym for Vice President Naidu – ‘Now All India’s Dearest Umpire’

Prime News, National, New Delhi, August 11:-  Amid a list of suggestions and expectations as a Parliamentarian, Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader Derek O’Brien on Friday coined an acronym imitating Vice President Venkaiah Naidu’s popular style of speech.

Speaking in Rajya Sabha, Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader said, “Now that I have to address you not as Venkaiah ji but as the chairman for the first time … let me welcome you in your favourite style..Acronym for Naidu ‘Now All India’s Dearest Umpire’.”

Showering his best wishes on behalf of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool Congress Party, O’Brien listed out expectations of Opposition members from new Rajya Sabha Chairman and said may the chair always listen to the voice of the Opposition.

“Sir, even when the debates get over heated, we are absolutely confident that you won’t lose your cool but please keep a special eye on my colleagues of Trinamool,” he said.

“We are confident that you will not commit that one sin of passing a bill in a din and I hope when honourable ministers will give you catchy questions and answers, with experience you will guide them and use your sage like power,” he added.

Stating it to be serious, Rajya MP concluded with rhyming couplets and said, “Sir we wish you well as you began this new dawn.”

-(NGB, Inputs: Agencies)

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