Derogatory remarks on Kannada:H R Manager arrested

Prime News, National, Bengaluru, June 24:- A Private Hospital HR Manager arrested in Bengaluru on charges of unpleasant remarks on Kannada is reported.

Satwik Sachar, from New Delhi, who is a HR Manager in a private Hospital in the City, ordered the food online on June 18, unhappy over the delay in supplying the ordered food, HR Manager abused the delivery boy Anil who, apologies in Kannada.

According to sources, apart from badly treating the delivery boy the Manager also abused Kannada laungauge, which led Anil to complain against the Manager to Sanjay Nagar Police station, after registering the case, the accused has been arrested, the investigation is continues.

In contrast, in recent times attacks happen on non Kannada speaking people especially from North East students was reported.


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