Devanur Lake needs rejuvenation on priority

Mysuru is declared as the ‘cleanest city’ in India. Con­gratulations to Mysuru City Corporation (MCC) officials, pourakarmikas and resi­dents of Mysuru. However, along with drawing pride, we must take more respon­sibility to maintain our en­vironment. It is everyone’s duty to keep our city clean. in addition, Mysuru has a number of lakes, which ful­fill the thirst of the earth and also work as the water body of the eco-system.

One such lake is Devanur Lake The lake is supposed to be the lifeline for irriga­tion and other purposes as it was planned by the farsight­ed Maharajas of Mysuru. Devanur Lake is located on the main link road between N R Mohalla and Rajivnagar in city. The condition of the lake makes one feel sad and angry. The lake is rapid­ly turning out be a garbage dumping yard, instead of be­ing a source of water. In the place of pure water, there flows sewage water, house­hold and industrial waste water. Many have started encroachment of the lake in order to build houses and buildings. Though state and central governments release funds for restoration of lakes and other water bodies, no work has been undertaken to save the dying lake. Where is the fund being spent? How can the government officials justify the purpose of the funds released?

Being the citizens of My­suru, the cultural capital of Karnataka, it is our respon­sibility to keep the city clean and green. We have to the city’s natural resources for future generations instead of creating a concrete jun­gle. Concerned authorities must wake up on this matter to save and restore the lake. Devanur Lake should be de­veloped on the lines of Kuk­karahalli and Karanji lakes. Citizens’ forums should also take up the issue with gov­ernment to save the lake.

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