Develop new food technologies, Prof Ram Rajasekaran tells scientists

Food scientists and students of food science branch must emphasise on developing new food technologies, said CFTRI Director Prof Ram Rajasekaran.


He was addressing the gathering at the CFTRI Awards Day function organised by CSIR-CFTRI to present medals and awards to the students of MSc Food Technology and International School of Milling Technology (ISMT) course at CFTRI premises on Friday. 

Prof Ram Rajaseskaran said, “Food scientists are the ambassadors of health and they need to educate common people about food security. “Food plays a key role for a healthy life and there is need for food technologies to produce healthy food products. The outgoing students must bring in a change in the food quality and deliver a healthy food product so that people won’t run to doctors for minor ailments. The students of food science are the real doctors in building a healthier society and they are the health managers of the nation,” he added.

“There is a belief that tasty foods are harmful for human body and lead to several diseases, now is the time for students  to prove that even sumptuous and tasty food is healthy and also be nutritious,” Prof Rajasekaran opined.

Delivering the valedictory address, Director of CSIR-Central Electrochemical Research Institute Dr Vijaymohan K Pillai said, “Life is changing at a rapid rate, knowledge is exploring, branches of science is expanding in a tremendous way and the power of idea is generating like never before. There is a lot of scope for the students from food science branches and the advancement of food technology is in their hands. The future food needs to be a clinical supplement and the food science students need to uncover fascinating ideas in the respective field,” he added.

Speaking to ‘City Today,’ Ahamed Saheeb Mohamed Shafrin, a gold medallist in ISMT course from Sri Lanka said, “It was a great learning opportunity at CFTRI in the milling technology. I was introduced to the course from my chief miller where I used to work with and today I am emerging out of the institution with great skills on manual and automation milling. In future too I would like to apply the things learnt here during the course tenure and pursue higher education and also complete my PhD.”

Paridhi Jain of MSc Food Technology emerged as the golden girl of the institute by bagging five gold medals.  A total of 26 students in MSc Food Technology and 24 students of ISMT course were given course complete certification on the occasion.

Coordinator, ISMT CSIR-CFTRI Gangadharappa G H, Coordinator, HRD M.Sc (FT) Dr M N Shashirekha and others were present.

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