Devu murder case: Three including a 19-year-old arrested

The city police have arrested three more persons in connection with the sensational Devendra alias Devu murder case. In all, four persons have been arrested so far and a dragnet has been spread to arrest the other culprits. On May 5, Devu was hacked to death in Paduvarahalli at around 7:10 am on that day by a gang who came in a white Armada vehicle.

The latest to be arrested have been identified as 24-year-old Sunil Kumar of Hosahalli in Mandya district, 19-year-old Rakesh of Hebbal and 27-year-old Shivaraj alias ‘Kariya’ of Ganjam. They have been booked under IPC sections 302 and 34. On May 10, Pavan Kumar of Paduvarahalli was arrested and produced before the court.

According to the police, there were 13 people in the vehicle and some suspects are being interrogated at a secret location in Hebbal. Pavan Kumar was also taken to the crime scene and according to the police, Pavan was Accused Number 1 Devendra alias Devu as he was the first to hit Devu with a sword. As soon as the attackers spotted Devu sifting near the Marigudi along with his three friends, a sword-wielding Pavan Kumar got down from the vehicle and ran towards Devu. Seeing Pavan Kumar, Devu too fled the spot and fell down as he slipped over coconut frond that were spread out in the area for drying.

As Devu fell, Pavan hit his back with the sword and soon, other attackers joined him and hit his head, back, spinal cord, and thighs. The victim screamed for help in vain and he bled to death. After ensuring that their target had died, the attackers fled the scene in the same vehicle. Pavan, an MBA graduate claimed that he, along with six persons, conspired to kill Devu because Devu was involved in a lot of real estate dealings and had political ambitions and was a threat to them. The police, however, are not ready to buy his version as they feel that Pavan and other accused are trying to mislead the investigation teams. Also, Pavan doesn’t have a criminal record or involved in any unlawful activities.

Devu is prime accused in the murder of Pavan’s relative Kariappa. Rowdy-sheeter Kariappa, a close associate of Avva Madesh was Pavan’s relative. Kariappa, who dealt with construction materials, was hacked to death by a gang in 2010 at his office in T K Layout.

A team of policemen led by City Police Commissioner B Dayananda and a large crowd at the crime scene on May 5. The police are now building the incident frame-by-frame and will soon arrest the remaining attackers after their role is established.


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