DGCA directs Airlines to carry equal number of English and Hindi newspapers on-board

Prime News, Nation, New Delhi, July 26:- At a time when the language war is intensifying across the country particularly in Karnataka, Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) on Wednesday has directed airlines to carry Hindi and English newspapers in equal numbers.

Lalit Gupta, joint director general, DGCA on Wednesday has in a letter directed the airlines to ensure the aircraft carry equal number of Hindi and English newspapers and magazines. Gupta said that it has been come to government notice that the airlines do not carry Hindi newspapers and magazines or carrying them in a limited numbers and said that this contradicts the Indian Governments official Language policy.

Lalit said that the DGCA directive will help to balance the number of Hindi and English language newspapers and magazines in flights.

Earlier the Air India announced that it has stop serving non-vegetarian meals on domestic routes and will only serve vegetarian foods. The move by Air India came for a severe criticism from all the quarters and even other airlines mocking the announcement has said that they will leave the decision to passenger to have a meal of their choice.

The Air India move has also seen as right wing religious policy which was allegedly promoted by Central government on behest of RSS. The DGCA move also affects the airlines which are looking various ways to reduce weight on board to cut fuel consumption and reduce cost.

-(NAN, Inputs: Agencies)

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