Digital Kranti Mattu Bharata book release

Lauding the Kannada translation work of Dr Y C Kamala on ‘Sand to Silicon: The Amazing Story of Digital Technology’, originally penned by Shivananda Kanavi, former Vice Chancellor of Kuvempu University Prof Chidananda Gowda remarked that the translation work was “apt” and “carries the essence of its English version.”
Speaking during the book release ‘Digital Kranti Mattu Bharata’ – a Kannada translation of ‘Sand to Silicon: The Amazing Story of Digital Technology’, Prof Gowda said that translating technical works from one language to another was a challenging task. But, he added, Kamala had done the job nicely and “it is a valuable contribution to the Kannada literature.”
Prof Gowda pointed that the book had the mention of all the “deserving” contributors towards digital technology who, somehow, were not largely known.
He further said that the book recollects all the instances in past wherein the Indian government failed to make use of the technology during its evolution by not “realising its importance” and thus “giving it less prominence.”
Prof Gowda, throughout his speech, hailed Jack Clair Kilby – the inventor of integrated circuit and microchip – saying his contribution shaped the modern computing thus paving the way for the boom of digital technology.
The author of ‘Sand to Silicon: The Amazing Story of Digital Technology’ Shivanad Kanavi also appreciate the efforts of Kamala saying “the incessant demand for the Kannada translation of my book is finally served.”
Kanavi admitted that though he was capable of translating his book to Kannada by himself, he had not enough confident in his translating skills and had given up translating  work of the book three times before he met Kamala, he said.
Prof at SJCE and Chairman of Indian Institute of Engineering, Mysuru, Dr T H Udayshankar, Prof C S Yogendra, Andolana Newspaper editor Rajshekhar Koti and others were present.

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