Digvijaya questions NIA credibility, seeks SC probe into Mundra Port drug seizure

Prime News, National (New Delhi), Oct 2:- Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and senior Congress leader Digvijaya Singh on Friday levelled serious allegations against the National Investigation Agency (NIA) and demanded an inquiry by a Supreme Court judge into the Mundra Port heroin seizure, saying that he has no trust in the NIA.

Speaking to the media at the Congress state headquarters, Digvijaya Singh said, “All accused in Ajmer Dargah blast, Mecca Masjid case, Samjhauta blast, Malegaon blast were acquitted. That’s why we don’t trust the NIA. While the aim of the investigating agency is to send criminals to jail, the Modi-Shah government has acquitted all those who were involved in terrorist activities,” he added.

Singh said that the investigation of heroin traced from Mundra port should be done by a Supreme Court judge, instead of the NIA and this judge should be appointed by a committee consisting of the Leader of Opposition and Chief Justice.

He also commented on the media and said that If 300-400 gram ganja (a drug) was seized from Bollywood actors, it would make big news, but even after a huge stock of heroin was seized at Mundra Port, there is silence.

Singh however remained silent when asked about cabinet expansion in Rajasthan, the G-23 group in the Congress and other national issues of the party. (MR, Inputs: Agencies).

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