Dinakara to host Kannada plays on June 4 and 5

Dinakara, a Delhi-based Kan­nada theatre troupe, is stag­ing several Kannada plays as part of Havyasi Rangotsava at Bhoomigeetha stage on June 4 and 5.

Halla Kolla Neeru, directed by Sri Chandrakanta Koosa­noora, Paatradharini, Raktha Rathri are the plays that are being staged as part of the Rangotsava.


Halla Kolla Neeru directed by Sri Chandrakanta Koo­sanoora is an absurd drama renowned in the 1970s and had several shows. The three characters a, ba, and ka of this drama are a reflection of multiple facets of humankind such as character, passion, hatred, selfishness, and clev­erness. Though being a social animal, he is losing identity day by day due to the craving for returns from each relation­ship and labour. His owner­ship attitude expects every­one to lend a hand to him, but has no sense of gratitude for favors received. This psyche of the human race is degrad­ing human values and he is becoming alone detached by relationships. It is interesting to see how this drama unfolds on the stage like a collage art, unpacking a picture of human relations and mentalities.

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This story is shaped from the bunch of words by Dr Lohit Naaykara. Both the characters from Paatradhari­ni are powerful. The struggle between classes, poor-rich, labourer-landlord; the groups exploited due to the co­lour-caste shackles; the men­tal agony caused due to the injustices in the society; la­beling those who break away from these shackles and be­come rebellions as antisocial, the ploy in suppressing them under the framework of law; sacrifice of the innocent for political gains… The drama is like a handheld mirror to the fake people who know all about such incidents/con­ditions but live under garb of innocence.


It is the narration of the hap­penings on the last three days of the Mahabharatha. The content of the play assumes severe competition between Lord Krishna’s machinations and Shakuni’s manipulations. After the demise of Dronacha­rya, Aswathama waits to avenge his father’s death. Though Karna becomes the commander, he dies at the hands of Arjuna. In the mace fight that ensues later, Bhee­ma smashes the thighs of Duryodhana. Looking at the plight of Duryodhana, As­wathama takes a vow to get the heads of Pandavas in re­venge as per Duryodhana’s desire. On the night of 18th day, Aswathama attacks the Pandava’s camp as wrathful Rudra. Mistaking Upa Pan­davas for Pandavas, Ash­wathama cuts their throats and takes away their heads. The plays with Ashwatha­ma losing the precious stone (mani) on his forehead.

B Narayana, A T Srineevas, Shashidhara Munavalli, Ah­salatha Mahadeva, Savitha Nelli, Delipa Bapat, Kumara Ritikva, Vidya Bhat, Krishnaraj Nelli, Shilpa Haripriya and others are in the main cast. For more information, con­tact 9449653300.



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