Discussion on triple talaaq held in city

There is a need for uniform civil code in the nation which would support the welfare of every individual in the society and elevate the status of women, said professor M P Nagendramurthy.

He was addressing a seminar titled ‘discussion on triple talaaq and uniform civil code’ organised by Peoples Union for Civil liberties at Sriranga on Friday. He said, “Uniform civil code is not imposing any Hindu law over Muslim community or other religion. Every good aspect of all religions must be included and brought under uniform civil code and we should stop seeing the issue from a political perspective. In the same way, the triple talaaq issue and polygamy must not become an issue with political agenda. According to a survey, even Hindus are practicing polygamy more than Muslims and the survey claims that many Hindu men have unofficially married two or three women. In a similar way, in all religions women are given second class treatment.”

Later, Muslim leader Maulana Ayub Ansari Nadwi said, “Islam gives equal rights for both men and women. Talaaq is more beneficial to women rather than men. Only one man in 10,000 will have more than one wife. If there is a talaaq, husband has to look after his divorced wife and children by providing all the facilities.”

Former chairperson of Karnataka State Commissioner for Women Commission Manjula Manasa and others were present.


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