Every now and then, the Indian media goes into a siege and the herd mentality turns into a stampede of stupidity. Virat Kohli is the latest totem and most are mesmerized into morbid mindless minions. His 82 not out was dazzling but so was Joe Root’s in quantity and quality of impact against the Proteas. A similar anecdote can be recounted nearly a dozen years ago when Sachin Tendulkar’s 98 against Pakistan was made to look superhuman when Andrew Symonds struck a far more devastating 143 not out against the same opposition in much more trying circumstances during the 2003 WC. Does the Indian media suffer from some sort of OCD needing validation and begging for praise from every notable person when it comes to cricket and Bollywood? This harks back to the 90s again, when a mediocre team had a prodigious batting talent but most of the heroics were in front of comatose home crowds. The histrionics and the voyeurism associated with a crashed romantic story and the social media saga surrounding a certain Anushka Sharma makes for a disgusting tangential to the evolving circus.

Anoop Hosmath, Mysuru


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