‘Dishoom’ team planning a screening for Indian cricket team in WI

The team of recently released film “Dishoom”, which has cricket as a crucial component, is planning to arrange a screening of the film for the Indian cricket team in the West Indies.

“Actually they have shown a lot of interest, the whole team wants to watch it. Currently they are in the West Indies. By the time they reach Port of Spain for the next test, we will be organising a screening for them.”

“They are all very excited about the film because they have heard that the cricket has been shot in a very realistic manner and we’ve dealt with the cricketer also like a soldier, he is like a martyr, and is patriotic in the film,” director Rohit Dhawan said on Wednesday at a media interaction celebrating the success of the film.

The plot of the film revolves around two cops played by Varun Dhawan and John Abraham, trying to solve the mysterious disappearance of a famous Indian cricketer just before a crucial India versus Pakistan match.

Varun said, “What is really cool is that Mohinder Amarnath ji is also there in the film and he really liked the film. He was very happy with the way the cricket was shot and the way we have shown the Indian cricketer. He even sent a personal message to Rohit. That means a lot when someone as great as him gives you a thumbs up.”

The dog Bradman, deriving his name from the legendary cricketer Donald Bradman, also plays an important part in the solving of the case in the film. The event also saw Bradman walking in with Varun and John.

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