District administration organises breakfast for mahouts at palace

We are prepared to face SC verdict and are with CM’s decision: Mahadevappa

The Mysuru district administration organised breakfast for the mahouts and their families at the Amba Vilasa Palace premises on Tuesday. The breakfast event is organised every year for the families of the mahouts by the ministers and district administration to know the needs of the mahouts.
Speaking on the occasion, District In-charge Minister Dr H C Mahadevappa said, “The breakfast event has been a long tradition. It is an opportunity for us to meet the mahouts and know their needs and problems. They have discussed their needs with us,” he said.
On the Cauvery row, he said, “Supreme Court is expected to give its verdict on Cauvery today. We have decided not to release water to Tamil Nadu in the legislature as there is not enough water for the state in the dams. We are prepared to face the Supreme Court’s verdict as we can’t anticipate what the court will say in its verdict. We are with CM Siddaramaiah’s decision.”
“The state government has prepared a report on the requirement of water for the state and the availability of water. State’s lawyers will present these statistics before the court. There is no need of third party intervention over Cauvery row. We are hoping that the decision will be in favour of Karnataka. The water in the dams will be used only for drinking,” said Minister for Cooperation and Sugar Mahadeva Prasad.
Prior to the breakfast, Dr Mahaevappa, Mahadeva Prasad, Deputy Commissioner D Randeep, Mayor B L Bhyrappa, and others met the mahouts and their families and gave them a patient hearing to their problems.

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