District Brahmins’ Association protests against derogatory remarks in ‘Pogaru’ movie

Prime News, Karnataka, Sandalwood, Cinema, Mysuru, February 23:- Condemning some of the derogatory remarks and scenes in the Kannada movie, ‘Pogaru,’ District Brahmins’ Association staged a protest here on Tuesday (February 23).

The protesters, who had gathered near the Mysuru Deputy Commissioner’s office here, shouted slogans against the Film Censor Board and demanded a criminal case be filed against them.

DBA president D T Prakash said, “Brahmins have been pictured in a disrespectful manner in the movie. They must be under the impression that we have no unity and we accept anything. The remarks against us are an insult to all the Hindus. We believe in ‘live and let live policy’ and treating us this way is not acceptable.  We won’t pardon them even if they are sorry for what has happened. The entire movie should be banned until the bad remarks are deleted. We want to give them some time to correct their mistakes.”

They said, “If they continue the screening of the movie, we will be protesting in all the districts and taluks. We want to file an FIR against producer Gangadhar and director Nanda Kishore. There are many insulting remarks in the movie which should be removed forthwith.”

Brahmin leaders Dr K Raghuram Vajapayee, N Srikanta Kumar, C V Parthasarathy, Sri Tulu Shivalli, Madhva Brahmana Mahamandali chief M K Puranik, P V Nagesh, Mohan, Ramadas, rural president Gopal Rao, MCC councillor M V Ram Prasad, M C Ramesh, Brahmi Youth Vedike president H N Sridhar Murthy, Mullur Guruprasad, general secretary Vikram Iyengar, Ajay Shastry, former MCC councillor M D Parthasarathy, Apoorva Suresh, Prashanth, Guruprasad, Sumanth Shastry, Jayasimha, Ranganath, Jyothy, Latha Mohan, Puttaswamy, Rajagopal, K M Nishanth, Ganesh Prasad, Venkatesh, Srinivas Bhashyam, Homme Manjunath, Vijaykumar, Mullur Suresh, Rakesh Bhat, Suchindra, Chakrapani and others were present during the protest. (MR/KS)

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