‘Disturbed’ doctor couple commit suicide

Mysuru, March 28:- A mentally disturbed doctor couple committed suicide by hanging at their Saraswathipuram residence in the city on Wednesday.

The deceased have been identified as Dr Satish Kumar (57) and Dr Veena (53), residents of Saraswathipuram.

Their only son had died in a road accident on Kukkarahalli Road eight years ago, after which the couple was a depressed lot. Both of them had stopped practicing.

Satish Kumar felt pain in the chest on Tuesday. After the check-up, Dr Satish was told that he has a block in the heart and needs surgery. Set back by this, the couple decided to end their lives and committed suicide by hanging.

When the couple did not receive phone calls from their relatives,  they asked the neighbours to cross-check. It was then that the police came to know about the couple’s death. (MR/KS).


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