DL for public transport drivers: Post card campaign from tomorrow

Members of Bharath Informal Workers Initiative (BHIWI) have decided to launch Post Card Campaign from August 1 to 15 appealing the central government to issue the new government order to avail DL to public transport drivers.

National President BHIWI S A Ramdas said: “There are over 67 lakh vehicle drivers including auto, cab, goods and tractor who do not have DL. They could not avail DL because of rule 15 of Central Motor Vehicles Rule which said eighth standard as the minimum education qualification.  Now, the central government has decided to relax the norms and as per the new rule, drivers proficient in reading any vernacular language are eligible for a DL. Hence, to speedup up the procedure we have decided to launch postcard campaign in 10 districts of Karnataka and many other states.”

“We have a target of reaching 1 lakh post cards from Karnataka and 1 lakh from other states and the cards would be sent to the Prime Minister and Transport Minister appealing them to issue government order. The central government has also decided to start bridge course for these drivers to know about the traffic rules, he said.

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