Do we need a ‘Yes’ type of President?

In a world’ largest democratic set up, President of India is the first person of the nation. As per the constitution he is the commander of all 3 military forces (Navy, Army, Air force), does he enjoys the power to execute this? One needs to rethink on this line.

By looking at the India post independence we all know that the Prime Minister who is the head of council of ministers chosen by elected member of Lokasabha is controlling the activities of military.

From first president of India Dr Rajendra Prasad to Dr Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Zakir Hussain, K R Narayanan, Dr APJ Abdul Kalam a scientist, a great human being, they have all executed their duty as per constitution, stood their ground in crisis, uphold the constitutional values, and avoid the conflict with elected government.

The present situation prevailing in the country does not indicate a cohesive atmosphere for all religion particularly minority community, dalit’s, tribal’s.

New York Times in editorial section raised question about street vigilantism in India and our global image taken a beat as multicultural, plural, tolerant society who accommodates all castes and creeds. In this back drop we need a President who can uphold the constitution validity, if need arises acts impartially.

In all previous elections opposition field their candidate except few occasions where there is a consensus, in the event of states and central government conflict the role of president is crucial, constitution mandate and given the powers to President to act as per rules enshrined.

So for the post of President considered as a ceremonial post, and to accommodate, disgruntled and post retirement from politics.



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