Do we need talent to rule us or reservations and politics?

Politics and reservations are not just applicable to a country, it is involved everywhere. Be it at home, between friends, colleagues, partners, children etc. We all fret when people speak about their political views but we enjoy being a part of it either, directly or indirectly.  Politics always creates a sense of pleasure in people, a classic example of one such political issue in the recent days is the death of the Tamil Nadu chief-minister Jayalalitha. It has become a sizzling topic and has taken different dimensions.

Looks like we are made like that, to get into a comfortable position we seldom care where we would pushing others into. For an individual to grow, talent is not needed these days, all we need to know is how good we are at politically influencing the management or superiors.

Individual with talents are left behind and would be struggling hard to climb the ladder of success while, the ones who are manipulative and a clear show-offs and with reservations would easily attain success in their career path. How is this possible? Is it because we let them loose or off-guarded or is it clearly indicating that, we dance to the tunes you play and listen to everything that they have to tell us.

With this there is always a debate that happens in every organization. A manager who doesn’t know anything yet will be rewarded as an amazing employee by the management or the superiors. It is always a moment of surprise to see how people walk away with credits of others without actually doing anything. So, these cases clearly indicate to us how politics play a significant role in everyone’s life.

People with great marks and super intelligence struggle to find jobs or end up in a low pay jobs whereas a person with a reservation and with some political background would be able to break-through even the toughest of tough job interviews with just a letter of political influence.

Are we in need of “talent”, reservation or politics? The choice is ours, want to make a difference or live dead.\

By Shreehari Sukumaran


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