Do you understand what water problem is: CM to engineers

“The government has given you cars. You travel in it rolling up the windows and don’t see people standing outside. You don’t face any drinking water issues. Do you really understand what drinking water problem is,” visibly angry Chief Minister Siddaramaiah questioned PWD chief engineer and executive engineer during the Karnataka Development Programme (KDP) review meeting on Wednesday.

The CM came down heavily on both the engineers when he learnt about the prolonged delay in getting water pipelines laid and for using poor quality pipes in various villages in the district which has resulted in water woes.

He almost had suspended both the engineers but then gave a week’s time to complete the pending works. “You will be given time till January 31. In case you fail to complete the work, you will be suspended right away,” the CM told to the engineers.

You gain experience as you work

Siddaramaiah took class of the Chief Engineer when he said that most of the engineers in his department were inexperienced. “Did you have experience when you joined work after finishing college? Did Sir M Visvesvaraya have experience when he started to work. What do you mean by engineers don’t have experience? You gain experience as you work,” CM told the Chief Minister.

When he was asked to send PWD engineers for training abroad, CM right away rejected the proposal saying, “One has to have ingenuity and self respect to carry out work, not foreign training,” he said.


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