Doctors must take care of their own health in order to take care of society

Doctors should also undergo medical check-up and need breaks. If they are healthy they can look after patients and if they are not healthy or if they are under lot of stress they can’t look after patients properly, said Dr Shyam Prasad Shetty, Head of Cardiothoracic and Vascular Surgery, JSS Hospital. Due to stress doctors are prone to high blood pressure, high blood sugar and various other stress-related diseases. 

Of late, there is a lot of pressure on doctors especially the specialists who work round-the-clock risking their lives. Critical care departments top the list as they are racing against time and dealing with time expectations of the patient’s family. 

According to senior doctors, many doctors suffer from chronic fatigue wherein disturbed sleep, loss of appetite and headache are a few symptoms. It is commonly seen that ICU specialists work for long hours or do night duty. Due to more stress, the doctors also suffering from high blood pressure and high blood sugar levels. 

Dr Prithvi Pryadarshini, Gastroenterologist, Narayana Multispecialty Hospital said: “I could not help but ponder how well we doctors are treating ourselves. I read about a 35-year-old doctor with triple degrees, dying a couple of days ago due to massive heart attack and another 27-year-old doctor committing suicide.  Such news sends shivers down my spine. Actually doctors undergo physical, mental and emotional stress. Especially those into clinical side are more under stress as they are involved directly with patients.”

“Though we undergo a lot of stress there is a lot of satisfaction in the profession. If proper balance is done, this is the great profession. Health issues among doctors are increasing and hence one should devote one hour for themselves for de-stress activities including yoga or jogging,” she said.

She also mentioned about a WhatsApp group that help doctors to keep in contact with various other doctors and also enabled them to create awareness about importance of busting stress.  

Dr B N Ananda Ravi, Secretary, Indian Medical Association said: “No doubt doctors are under more stress as they are involved in more hours of work. Many times doctors are just focused on good health of patients but they fail to take care of their own health. Hence we have planned to conduct yoga classes for doctors once in a week.”

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