Promising athlete slapped at sports hostel, senior suspended

A 15-year-old athlete, T M Dimple, studying in class 9, was allegedly slapped by her seniors at the government-run sports hostel. The incident took place when some of Dimple’s seniors lost their clothes which were put to dry. They went to her room and enquired her about their clothes. During the conversation, a senior allegedly slapped her. The accused girl had won a gold medal at the recent state-level athletic meet in Bengaluru.

Dimple, being a promising athlete had won first place in 100 metres, second in 200 metres, and, third place in long jump and first in 4×100 relay. Three seniors went to Dimple’s room to enquire her during which one girl slapped Dimple.

Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports assistant director (Mysuru district) K Suresh confirmed the incident. He paid a visit to the hospital and spoke to her parents.

He suspended the senior student, W R Harshitha, a final year Bcom student.

He spoke with the other students of the sports hostel, and they confirmed that Harshitha had slapped Dimple. She is now suspended for five days from the sports hostel. The issue has been brought to the notice of higher officials of the sports department. It is expected to be a message to all the inmates of the sports hostel that no compromise will be made on disciplinary issues.

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